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You will of course find many web sites that recommend this or that hosting company when it comes down to getting your web page published and they can be very handy reviews to get you started.

I’ve used a fair few web hosts over the years myself but I thought I’d do a little piece about my current host and the thought process behind choosing them.

When publishing a new app on Google Play I had to provide a link to that apps privacy policy which means having an actual web site to host such a page. I could have just hidden it away anywhere but I decided it’s probably about time after 35+ years in the business that I actually published my own web site.

Given that my main goal was to have an online privacy policy for my Health Tracker app, and that all of my regular business comes from word of mouth, I didn’t see any point in spending a lot of money so I had a hunt about and found Fasthosts and took the plunge.

I’m very glad I did!

The price is right and everything is easily expandable should I need it. The admin panel is simple to navigate and there are plenty of options as to all the settings you may need. I could go into great detail but I’ll save that for future posts.

This all means an easy set up and I have a site that I can test the water with. If it takes off I can expand with ease, if not I’m not stuck paying large expenses.

Maybe I’ll do some posts about their options and how you can decide what you need. Then some simple instructions on setting up your own site.

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